We change society by empowering rural communitiesInstitute for Rural Initiatives

Who we are?

The Institute for Rural Initiatives (formerly Ograda Noastra NGO) is a non-governmental, non-profit and public interest organization that promotes socio-economic initiatives in rural communities from Moldova. IRI will continue the mission of Ograda Noastra to facilitate processes of development in disadvantaged communities.


Our Mission

Alarmed by the general level of underdevelopment and isolation of rural communities from the Republic of Moldova and the concerning gap in development dynamics between urban and rural areas, the IRI mission is to facilitate initiatives that generate or facilitate development processes in disadvantaged/marginalized communities from Moldova.


General Directions

Main activity directions of the Institute for Rural Initiatives are activities and policies that facilitate social and economic initiatives in rural areas of Moldova, promote a spirit of social cohesion, improve the quality of education and responsible governance in villages and small towns of Moldova, and stimulate a spirit of civic activism benefitting the community.



The Institute for Rural Initiatives is open for cooperation with any social actor or institution interested in growing social and economic initiatives in rural communities from the Republic of Moldova. If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us via email office@iri.md or you might choose to send us a message online using our contact form.

Institute for Rural Initiatives :: Annual Report 2016 Institute for Rural Initiatives/Ograda Noastra Annual Report 2016, A5, 28 pp.
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IRI Activity

Having more than a decade of activity (13 years) the Institute for Rural Initiatives has grown considerably, from very small projects implemented with no payed staff and without an office (2003-2006) to very complex programs in 2 permanent offices across the country (starting with 2014). During these 13 years of activity IRI promoted social initiatives meant to increase the level of social inclusion and human rights in its partner communities, to improve the educational system while promoting civic activism in Moldovan villages and small towns. Since 2003 the organization has continuously implemented over 40 projects across the country.

All Activities

The lack of civic engagement and participation in rural areas of Moldova is a fundamental development issue, which needs to be addressed systemically and with no delay. Civic apathy and indifference accentuates the deep socio-economic crisis of Moldova’s rural regions. This inevitably leads to such problems as unaccountability of local…

Education Plus III

The project will continue the efforts initiated by the Institute for Rural Initiatives and Liechtenstein Development Service Foundation (LED) in Moldova to support the social inclusion of Roma communities in the Republic of Moldova. With this innovative project IRI aims to provide an alternative model of quality education based on…

Minority Empowerment in Moldova II

The project represents a logical continuation of the Minority Empowerment in Moldova project that aims at developing capacities of national minorities in the field of community organizing and democratic public participation, implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives and WSOS with the support of the U.S. Department of State. The…

What our partners say about us

Elizabeth Balint

We worked with 18 countries in 18 years, with a lot of excellent partners, but so far we are most impressed with IRI in every aspects.

Elizabeth Balint Project Manager - Great Lakes Consortium
Joseph Bednarek

The Institute for Rural Initiatives is the place where schoolchildren from all backgrounds are challenged and inspired to become outstanding individuals and citizens.

Joseph Bednarek Regional Program Director - GFC
Ilia Chiosea

Thank you very much, IRI! You are THE organization that succeeded to activate the spirit of community participation and civic activism in our village. Because of your work, dedication and guidance our community is more inclusive and more united.

Ilia Chiosea Mayor of Gaidar - Gaidar, ATU of Gagauzia