The Institute for Rural Initiatives trains experts for future young entrepreneurs

The Institute for Rural Initiatives trains experts for future young entrepreneurs

On November 13, 2015 the Institute for Rural Initiatives organized training for the teachers involved in the program that aims to develop entrepreneurial skills among high school students coming from 4 schools from Republic of Moldova.

During the training there have been introduced and discussed innovative mechanisms of formation and development of children’ entrepreneurial skills. Within the frame of the project, it is very important the workshops to be simple but very interesting, innovative, motivational and inspiring.

The goal of this project is to empower high school students to become better prepared for life from the perspective of economic initiative, as well as to understand better the basic principles of entrepreneurship, to learn how have an efficient time and resources management.

The training course will be an interactive afterschool two-module program (theory and practice). Throughout the academic year the courses will be lead by facilitators and experts in the entrepreneurial field.

Towards the end of the academic year the 60 kids, beneficiaries of the project (age of 12 through 16), will be given as a loan 200 lei/MDL, so that they use it to make some profit and then return the 200 lei back. The school in our community should become the agent of change and a promoter of the entrepreneurial mentality in order to promote civic activism and the development of a democratic society.

We would like to remind that the project is inspired by a similar model successfully implemented in the UK and it is implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives with the support of Angello Development Foundation and Significado Foundation.