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New beginnings for orphans from Cahul

New beginnings for orphans from Cahul

In October 2016 the Institute for Rural Initiatives in partnership with AO „Artena” launched a new development and inclusion program for orphans from two centers from Cahul, „Speranța” and „Împreună”.

Up to now, 2 thematic interactive sessions that brought together around 25 children have been organized. The overall goal of these sessions was to facilitate children’s integration into society and to motivate them to achieve a greater openness to others and to society.

The topics discussed during the first module were “How can I understand myself better” and “How I can understand others”. The workshops were facilitated by an expert in the field and organized in a very interactive way, with energizers and role plays, in a friendly and open atmosphere. It made kids to enjoy the activities and gave them the opportunity to test their own self-discipline, self-confidence, control of their emotions and respect for other’s opinions.

These interactive sessions are conducted by the Institute for Rural Initiatives upon request from managers of both institutions and are considered by the administration of the 2 centers extremely useful, contributing to a better integration of children without parental care in society, particularly in the post-institutionalization period.

The activity is part of the project “Life School II” organized with the support of Bulgarian Fund for Orphans.