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The Institute for Rural Initiatives continues to empower rural communities

The Institute for Rural Initiatives continues to empower rural communities

On November 3 through November 5, 2016 there was organized the second “Academy for building community activism” training. Representatives of 7 new communities involved in the project, representing 5 Moldovan ethnic minorities from northern, central and southern regions, have undergone 3 intense training days full of theoretical and practical modules.

All 28 participants (representatives of civic initiative groups from 7 communities) together with international and national trainers, as well as mentors, with experience gained during the previous phase of the project have explored the following topics: What is the common voice of the community? What represents a community problem? How can we work with the community to identify the problem? How to make ourselves understood, how can we understand others? How can we be more efficient in what we do? What is our role in the community?

“I have had the opportunity to attend many trainings organized by different organizations, but every time when I participate in trainings lead by the Institute for Rural Initiatives I discover how much I still don’t know and how much I still have to learn. I am happy that upon return to my community I can share with my colleagues, partners and friends efficient methods of the community engagement involving directly the community and bringing the change,” said Angela Croitoru, member of the initiative group from Maramonovca village, Drochia rayon.

Overall the new communities recently involved in the project are going to receive 3 sets of capacity development trainings. In the first phase of the project implementation the Institute for Rural Initiatives has already trained around 60 community leaders coming from 15 communities.

The “Minority Empowerment in Moldova II” project is funded by the U.S. State Department Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, administered by WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc. and implemented in Moldova by the Institute for Rural Initiatives.