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A unique training for a better early childhood education

A unique training for a better early childhood education

On October 29 and November 12, 2016 the Institute for Rural Initiatives with the support of Liechtenstein Development Service Foundation (LED) in Moldova, in partnership with Educational Program “Step by Step” organized 2 capacity development trainings for kindergarten educators from 2 rural communities from Moldova.

20 educators from 2 nursery-kindergartens („Andries” from Zîrneşti, Cahul, and „Guguta” from Gribova, Drochia) involved in the innovative pilot project Education Plus have attended the event.

Such topics as “Intercultural values”, “The individualization and differentiation of the educational process from the perspective of interactive strategies” and “The role of partnership in a child’s growth and development” have increased the interest of educators, who have not benefited of a capacity development activity for many years.

Experts in the educational field and kindergarten educators believe that the new component of the Education Plus project has a significant impact on institutions but also on the entire community as well due to the fact that inequality of the opportunities among children starts at a very early age.

During the activity educators got familiar with the fact that intercultural education is a global necessity, this being a specialized form of education for everyone – quality education – that qualifies children and their cultures to receive a differentiated treatment, yet an equal one.

Similar trainings will take place during the next 2 years. The Institute for Rural Initiatives hopes to draw attention of the state authorities to the importance of organizing on a regular basis qualitative and professional development trainings for kindergartens’ staff members, thus providing them with updated methods and new practices (better, more practical and interactive) of early education in kindergartens from all over Moldova.