What students from Zirnesti and Gribova are learning about

What students from Zirnesti and Gribova are learning about

In January through February, 2017 the IRI team was hosted by pupils with entrepreneurial spirit from Zirnesti village, Cahul, and Gribova village, Drochia – members of the Young Entrepreneur School initiative, an extracurricular platform designed to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit among students living in rural communities from the Republic of Moldova.

Children from both schools did not get intimidated by guests, but showed a great spirit of participation and creativity. During the workshops students have defined the concept of the entrepreneur and shared with colleagues their dreams and future plans to achieve their goals.

The IRI team has been impressed that children of such a young age understand what a business is, what an entrepreneur does and are looking forward to test their practical skills in this field in the nearest future.

“I cannot wait to get to the practical exercises. I have many ideas but I have not yet decided what I will do further. I am very impressed with these activities and I always attend the classes with a great pleasure,” shared Maria Saiehmetova, Vth form pupil, Gymnasium „Gribova”.

„We are glad to see that both teachers and pupils show a great interest in this course that offers the opportunity to junior high school children, coming from 4 villages (Gribova, Drochia; Mingir, Hincesti; Zirnesti and Alexanderfeld, Cahul) from Moldova to better understand the basic principles of entrepreneurship and efficient time and money management”, mentioned Elena Turcan, Project Coordinator, Institute for Rural Initiatives.

In March the IRI team plans to visit entrepreneurial clubs from Alexanderfeld, Cahul, and Mingir, Hincesti.

The Young Entrepreneur initiative is a part of the Social Inclusion program 2016-2017 implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives and local partners with the generous support of Global fund for Children, Washington, D.C. and Liechtenstein Development Service Foundation (LED) in Moldova.