Regional Peer-to-Peer event – IRI promotes civic activism in rural communities from Moldova

Regional Peer-to-Peer event – IRI promotes civic activism in rural communities from Moldova

Local community empowerment means several things, but first of all it requires an open community with active citizens, who systematically get involved and solve multiple community issues.

Is this possible in Moldova? The Institute for Rural Initiatives (IRI) believes it is possible. With a lot of effort, with constant communication, in time – but possible.

On April 6, 2017 in Balti IRI organized the “Regional Peer-to-Peer Event in the North of Moldova” in order to exchange best-practices in the field of community engagement and inspire other community stakeholders to replicate the successful model.

The main goal of the event was to share experiences of the ethnic communities involved in the “Minority Empowerment in Moldova” program, and particularly successful civic engagement experience of the 7 initiative groups coming from 6 villages and the town of Edinet. The villages are as follows: Chetrosu, Maramonovca, Baroncea and Gribova, Drochia rayon; Mihaileni, and Nihoreni villages, Riscani rayon; and Edinet town).

The event was attended by representatives of LPA (mayors, deputy mayors, local councilors etc.) and civil society representatives from the region. Participants have welcomed the IRI’s initiative and expressed willingness to cooperate and encourage local community empowerment.

“I welcome the work IRI and a local initiative group have done for our community. It is meaningful and important for our village. LPA will continue to offer support to the initiative group in everything they do for the good of our community,” said Chiril Macovetchi, Mayor of Gribova village, Drochia.

Dave Beckwith, an international trainer in organizational development, strategic planning and community organizing from the U.S.A., the guest of honor and the facilitator of the event, encouraged the stakeholders to explore the potential of the 7 initiative groups built within the project and support their initiatives that aim at civic engagement of local communities.

In July through September, 2017 IRI will organize other two regional events in central and southern Moldova in order to promote the idea of change through civic activism.

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