Corporate civic responsibility: beneficial for business, beneficial to communities

Corporate civic responsibility: beneficial for business, beneficial to communities

It is not a secret that the image any business presents is very important and even fundamental. Today a business is expected not only to deliver products of highest quality and services at affordable prices, but also to have a more “human” face.

Community involvement has become necessity for a businessman, who wants to ensure not only commercial success, but also gain the respect in the society he works with. But what does it mean in practice for a company/enterprise to be socially responsible? What are the benefits of corporate social responsibility? Does it imply more spending or more investment?

These topics were the main to be discussed by Valentina Uzun, general director of Azamet-Grup, Viorel Eremia, CEED Moldova, Roman Palanciuc, UNDP Moldova, SARD program, Ghenadie Russu, director of Invest Group with around 30 participants (among them 20 rural entrepreneurs), who came to the event to find out more about the benefits of corporate social responsibility. The entrepreneurs have fully benefited from the wise advices, energy and inspiring motivation of the speakers.

“It is a new and noteworthy practice that helps to understand how exactly you have to create relationships with taxpayers and simultaneously contribute to the development of the community,” mentioned Mrs. Aliona Franco, entrepreneur from Huluboaia, Cahul.

The activity was organized in order to motivate Moldovan businessmen to become more involved in the lives of their communities. The event was conducted by IRI, funded by the U.S. State Department Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor via WSOS/GLC from NW Ohio, USA.