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A documented teacher is the one who inspires…

A documented teacher is the one who inspires…

A number of 25 teachers from two rural communities in Moldova – north (Gribova, Drochia) and south (Zirnesti, Cahul) – learned about new trends and techniques in the field of quality education. The event was organized in a relaxed atmosphere and lead by the best experts in the field during a 2-day workshop.

For 2 days the participants explored such innovative topics as:

  • Critical thinking in the process of personality building.
  • Impact of teacher’s personal level of education on the quality of education.
  • Evaluation. Self-evaluation. Criteria evaluation: from theory to practice.

The teachers expressed a high appreciation of the training, especially that the format and structure of the workshops were very different from the usual typical trainings offering them both quality information and group interaction, as well as time for personal reflection.

“During these 2 days of training I experienced a great satisfaction. The event was organized in a nice, quiet, relaxing place, and we managed to combine fun with productive work. Both critical thinking and evaluation topics were introduced in an informal and interesting way. That was very efficient, dynamic and not stressful at all. We would really like to attend more of such trainings and hope this not to be the last one,” said Ms. Ecaterina Corja, deputy director of the “Ion Creanga” Gymnasium, Zirnesti, Cahul.

“I think the Education Plus project generated a number of successful practices in our institution. Even that we still face different challenges in respect to the educational process in our school, we learned how to overcome them. I would like to confess that during the 2 days of training we experienced something special… It was an active rest: we studied and we rested. We would like to thank the organizers and we want to grow even more, because there is always room for improvement,” said Olga Arama, teacher of history at Gribova Gymnasium, Gribova, Drochia.

The activity is a part of the Education Plus III project implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives and its local partners with the support of Liechtenstein Development Service Foundation (LED Moldova).