Youth Inclusion Forum – Edition I

Youth Inclusion Forum – Edition I

“Diverse youth for a cohesive society” – such was the idea behind the “Youth Inclusion Forum” organized on October 7, 2017.

The event brought together 45 participants – youth leaders, youth experts, representatives of the central, district and local public administrations, as well as representatives of the local youth initiative groups and NGO’s representatives, who discussed the need for more dynamic engagement of young people from Moldova in solving society’s problems.

The Forum started with several brief inspirational presentations and continued with an interactive discussion panel. Carina Eni, a representative of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, also attended the event. During her speech Mrs. Eni encouraged young people to participate and cooperate more closely with public authorities.

Ruslan Stanga and Mariana Turcan, thematic speakers at the event, introduced several facets of the youth field, presenting innovative solutions and strategies for accelerating civic participation of young people in their communities despite many obstacles and challenges they have.

This event created a particular discussion framework that facilitated the participation of young people coming from different cultural, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds from Moldova, especially from rural communities. Friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the event contributed to an exemplary participation of young people. The most interesting ideas have been collected and documented to serve as the basis for further recommendations to be submitted to central and local public authorities.

Here are some of these very ingenious ideas:

“Change begins with us. There are many of us and we care.” – Nicolai Cheles, representative of “Civic Tomai” NGO from Tomai village, UTA Gagauzia.

“Participation generates participation. Instead of criticizing better do something.” – Mihaela Petrov, a high school student from Vulcăneşti.

“The very participation of young people in public events helps because they start to care.” – Xenia Parus, youth specialist from Vulcanesti.

The Forum was also an opportunity for networking and socializing for young people, as well as for LPA, civil society representatives and other stakeholders, who attended the event. The Active Youth Forum – Edition II is scheduled for October, 2018.

The event is organized within the “IntegrACT – diverse youth for a cohesive society” project implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives in Moldova and its local partners with the support of Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova.