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Inclusive quality education in rural areas

Inclusive quality education in rural areas

IRI continues to train educators from Zirnesti village, Cahul rayon, and Gribova village, Drochia rayon, familiarizing them with modern techniques and methods in the field of pre-school inclusive education.

The Institute for Rural Initiatives believes that in any educational system the continuous training of pre-school educators represents an important ongoing process, and focusing on quality education at early stage constitutes a fundamental priority leading to medium and long term positive results.

Pre-school education in rural Moldova experiences an unprecedented crisis due to a number of problems, such as lack of a national strategies, poor management of pre-school institutions in Moldovan villages, absence of local support structures for educators and local public authorities responsible of managing rural kindergartens, demographic crisis, migration etc.

As a result of IRI’s initiative aimed at improving the situation, pilot initiatives were launched in two villages from Moldova. During 2017, on August 24 and November 11 several educators coming from the two villages and involved into the project, attended two professional development trainings. The training courses were led by Mrs. Daniela State, expert from “PRO DIDACTICA” Educational Center, Chisinau, and covered the following topics:

  • Partnership between the family and kindergarten: increasing the efficiency of pre-school education.
  • What does an interactive teaching mean?
  • Organizing and playing ice breaking games in pre-school institutions.
  • Education of the parents aimed to increase the performance of the quality education.
  • Conflict Management.

“We thought we know everything, but after the first hours of the training we understood that there is a lot to be yet learned,” shared the educators from “Guguta” kindergarten (Gribova village, Drochia rayon) after attending the second training session within the Education Plus project.

A well-trained staff represents one of the core components of success of a qualitative pre-school education. However, providing children with other resources (toys, didactic materials, auxiliary materials etc.) is also very important. Being aware of these multilateral dimensions, IRI with the support of LED Moldova provided the kindergartens involved in the implementation of the project with toys and educational materials valued at 20,000 lei/MDL.

Local kids have been playing with the same toys for over 10 years.

The activity is a part of the Education Plus III project implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives and its local partners with the support of Liechtenstein Development Service Foundation (LED Moldova).