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IntegrACT Factory of Ideas. Integration through action

IntegrACT Factory of Ideas. Integration through action

The Institute for Rural Initiatives successfully organized a unique event for/with young people aimed to offer a platform for discussion on how to boost civic activism of young people from villages and towns of RM.

“We discuss. We reflect. We propose.” was the slogan of the Factory of Ideas that was initially designed to challenge young people to talk and reflect, and later to help them generate policy recommendations in youth field, especially at the local level. Around 40 people attended the event, mostly youth people coming from 13 communities, from 6 rayons of the country.

A summary of the IntegrACT project was made during the event. The outcomes and the results of the project were made public, emphasizing the importance of IRI model of youth integration through participation and civic activism – IntegrACT.

The leaders of 9 initiative groups, created and consolidated within the project shared the experience they got while being a part of the project and shared their examples and successful practices in the youth field.

Map of the communities involved into the IntegrACT project

The special guest, Doru Curoşu, a motivational trainer and youth specialist, motivated the young people and urged them to show civic participation in their communities, bringing the changes they want to see.

Doru Curosu

Youth specialist of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research- Carina Eni, welcomed the event and encouraged young people to come up with recommendations and suggestions regarding the development of the youth sector.

Carina Eni

“Regardless of age we need to get involved and contribute to the change,”– mentioned Silvia Feraru, village of Carpineni, Hincesti rayon.

“Although it was not easy at first, now we have a functional youth group in the locality,” said Elvira Drangoi, Zirnesti village, Cahul rayon.

Elvira Drangoi

“Being motivated by this initiative, the LPA from our community allocated financial resources to youth budget in 2018,” said Anna Ciornaia, local facilitator from Maramonovca, Drochia.

The event was also attended by representatives of LPA, mayors, local councilors, youth specialists who, were pleased and impressed by the work performed by the local and regional initiative groups.

The event is organized within the “IntegrACT – diverse youth for a cohesive society” project implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives in Moldova and its local partners with the support of Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova.

More photos from the event can be found on the Facebook page of the Institute for Rural Initiatives: