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Friendly Mayors’ Club. Edition I

Friendly Mayors’ Club. Edition I

“Friendly Mayors’ Club” is an event organized by the Institute for Rural Initiatives. It raised the awareness among representatives of LPA on the importance to boost youth work at the local level, especially through the development and implementation of local action plans in the youth sector. At the moment, despite the fact that the legal framework is favorable to the development of the youth sector of the country, at the local level, we notice with concern a complete absence of the mechanism for applying this policy framework into reality.

In 2017 a series of consultative meetings with youth groups from all over Moldova aimed at informing, motivating and equipping mayors for working more effectively with young people took place within the frame of the project. This particular event was organized as an outcome of these productive meetings.

The event was attended by representatives of local public administrations (of the first and the second levels) coming from 11 communities from all over the country (mayors, deputy mayors, youth specialists, local and regional councilors). Participants appreciated the benefits of the event and acknowledged that they were not familiar with many of the legislative aspects in the youth field, until now.

YOUTH represents quite an actual subject. During this event we had a chance to discuss it broader and in a more complex way. Also, we got familiar with specialized literature I was not familiar with until now, such as National Youth Strategy 2014-2020, Government Decision on Youth, Youth Action Plan”, shared Fiodor Topciu, mayor of Tomai village, TAU Gagauzia.

During his session, Octavii Ivanov, the expert from Congress of Local Public Authorities of Moldova (CALM) introduced the topic “Practical ways to implement the National Youth Strategy at local level: local strategy, local plan, local budget” and facilitated a workshop motivating the representatives of the LPA to generate ideas for the revitalization of the youth sector.

This event was organized by the Institute for Rural Initiatives and its local partners with the support of the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI).

More photos from the event can be found on the Facebook page of the Institute for Rural Initiatives:

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