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IRI organized a unique exchange visit between teachers from two rural schools

IRI organized a unique exchange visit between teachers from two rural schools

The Institute for Rural Initiatives organized a new activity meant to inspire teachers from two schools: Ion Creanga” Gymnasium Zirnesti, Cahul – southern Moldova and “Gribova” Gymnasium, Gribova village, Drochia – north of the country. Teachers from Gribova went to Zirnesti village for an exchange of experience sharing best practices and develop their capacities in the field of inclusive quality education.

“Being motivated by the EDUCATION PLUS project, we get out of our comfort zone and we are constantly evolving, learning, there is always a place for professional improvement. We would like for IRI to continue and generate ideas and we will make sure apply them in practice,” said Mrs. Aliona Ribac, principal of the Gribova Gymnasium.

“Thank you very much IRI for planning, looking for possibilities and meeting the needs of Gribova and Zirnesti beneficiaries. It is an unprecedented experience, we hope to continue to collaborate for beyond this project. We thank the Gribova colleagues for their motivation and will to travel to the south,” said Ms. Nadejda Dobinda, principal of the “Ion Creanga” Gymnasium.

The activity was facilitated by Mrs. Svetlana Galben, Step by Step expert.

The visit was a dream come true for the teachers from Gribova, who gladly attended classes at “Ion Creanga” Gymnasium and gained working experience and also learned positive and practical methods they will apply in the work they do at home.

The study visit was widely popularized by the teachers who went on the exchange. IRI partners from the north, mentioned about the exchange visit during a meeting of the Drochia Rayon Council: “Exchange visits do not happen between neighboring districts, but IRI made it possible for a community from north to visit one so far in the south”.

The activity is a part of the Education Plus III project implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives and its local partners with the support of Liechtenstein Development Service Foundation (LED Moldova).

More photos from the event can be found on the Facebook page of the Institute for Rural Initiatives: