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IRI awarded students with the highest academic growth in 2017-2018

IRI awarded students with the highest academic growth in 2017-2018

At the end of the school year, for an eight consecutive year, Institute for Rural Initiatives, continues to give awards to outstanding pupils from rural areas of Moldova.

“If in previous years IRI awarded pupils with the highest academic performance, starting with 2018, IRI awards students, who have demonstrated an impressive increase of their school successes during 2017-2018 school year. This is an important change in our social inclusion program, a change, which is more targeting and has a higher motivational effect,” mentioned Ruslan Stanga, director of the Institute for Rural Initiatives.

This year we had the great pleasure to award 3 pupils coming from 3 schools dear to us: Gimnasiums “Ion Creanga” Zirnesti and “Sergei Esenin”, Alexanderfeld village, Cahul; Gribova Gymnasium from Gribova, Drochia. Stylish diplomas and money prizes made both the laureates and also IRI team members to have their positive emotional moments.

“Being an ALUMNA of the “Best Student of the Year 2016” program, as well as graduating from “Ion Creanga” Gymnasium, I was honored to be the one awarding the prize “The High School Academic Growth Award”. It is a motivation and a double recognition of the efforts made by students and at the same time an incentive for pupils to work harder,” said Elvira Drangoi, local facilitator from Zirnesti village, Cahul.

In this regards, IRI award “The High School Academic Growth Award“ represents an incentive to boost the success of academic performance throughout the school year.

The Award Program is an initiative of the Institute for Rural Initiatives and its partners LED Moldova, Global Fund for children and local partners.