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IntegrACT Factory of Ideas, 2nd edition

IntegrACT Factory of Ideas, 2nd edition

The IntegrACT Factory of Ideas, the 2nd edition, represents the continuation of the 1st edition aimed at “inventing” the best ideas for a more effective participation of young people from rural areas, in the society, as well as to promote the National Strategy for Youth Sector Development.

During the event 31 young people coming from 12 rural communities learned to build communication bridges and interact with each other for a better civic participation in their community.

Map of the communities involved into the IntegrACT project

Veniamin Sazonov, the special guest of the event, taught a motivational session about how to learn critical thinking, how to develop your out-of-the-box thinking, and encouraged young people to think originally “outside the box” while solving the problems they encounter in their community. The topics addressed during the event outlined the need to develop the creative spirit and thinking of the young people.

“If you look at a problem, try to find a creative solution, approach it from different angles. Your experience will be different”, said Emanuel Pascal, a young man from Zirnesti village, Cahul.

The peer-to-peer component (colleagues learn from colleagues) represent a new element of the project aimed to provide space for the exchange of experience. The alumni of the 1st edition of the IntegrACT Academy (10 young people from 6 communities) will mentor 6 new communities involved in the second phase of the IntegrACT Academy.

The event is organized within the IntegrACT-PLUS project implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives in Moldova and its local partners within the 2018 Grant Program for Youth Organizations, with the financial support of Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova.