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IntegrACT Academy – an alternative way of integrating young people in Moldova

IntegrACT Academy – an alternative way of integrating young people in Moldova

In August 2018, Institute for Rural Initiatives (IRI) launched the second edition of IntegrACT Academy – an innovative educational and guidance platform for young people created within the IntegrACT PLUS project. During August through October around 130 young people, future promoters of change, will be trained within the IntegrACT Academy. These young people will study and practice various topics designed to increase the level of civic activism among youth in all project communities.

The action-enhancing effect of the project is achieved by mobilizing, motivating and involving young people in addressing local issues that directly affect them. Target group of the project represent 5 ethnic groups coming from 12 rural communities covering 6 rayons of Moldova.

The innovation of the IntegrACT II project is the mentoring component that implies that alumni of IntegrACT I edition are actively mentoring six new community project sites. The project will provide a number of opportunities for young volunteers from previous project to visit newly created youth initiative groups and share their own experience, as well as assist them to grow people’s civic engagement at the local level.

Map of the communities involved into the IntegrACT project

“We successfully practiced the mentoring component, involving adults, in other IRI activities, but with young people it is something new. Their enthusiasm and willingness to engage inspires us. IRI team is happy to support all their ideas and is looking for new working instruments. Through this activity we will create a bridge of friendship, respect and cooperative spirit among young people from different social backgrounds,” said Tatiana Costev, program coordinator.

By IntegrACT II Academy IRI aims to highlight a number of positive practices and successful models to be taken over and replicated at national level. IRI hopes to inspire other youth, local and central authorities, donors as well as other NGOs. By applying the IntegrACT model (a concept publicly introduced in the previous project) IRI will continue to build communication and empowerment bridges meant to strengthen the basis of public policy on the inclusion of young people in the youth field in the Republic of Moldova.

The project involves young people in the decision-making process and will strengthen the youth policy framework by fostering a better perception, a better dialogue and, in general a better inclusion of young people, especially with minority backgrounds at local and regional levels.

The event is organized within the IntegrACT-PLUS project implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives in Moldova and its local partners within the 2018 Grant Program for Youth Organizations, with the financial support of Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova.