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ProCivic Academy Edition II – A new challenge for 100 young people coming from 20 communities from Moldova

ProCivic Academy Edition II – A new challenge for 100 young people coming from 20 communities from Moldova

Institute for Rural Initiatives (IRI) successfully finalized ProCivic Academy Edition II – an innovative training course focused on continuous learning and interaction for young people coming from rural areas of the country who are open to bring a change in their communities.

During three days, 100 young people from 20 communities from all over the country learned and practiced various topics in the field of civic responsibility and inclusive citizenship. Pro Civic Academy II is a continuation of the ProCivic Academy I organized in April, 2018 – activity organized by the Institute for Rural Initiatives (IRI) in a project implemented by Terres des Hommes and IRI with funding from the European Union.

This time, the 100 young people had the opportunity to learn about such concepts as team and team spirit, decision-making, conflict resolution and tense situations management – all tackled from a human rights, equal opportunities and mutual respect perspective.

“This project motivates us and helps us to be active citizens. For three days we learned how to become responsible and intelligent leaders who aspire to change the country for the better,” shared Daria Melnic, a young woman from Otaci town.

“I am here to leave a mark in my community,” said proudly Daniela Mandric, Cainarii Vechi vil-lage, Soroca.

“I decided to attend the ProCivic Academy because I want to give my village a helping hand,” stated Cristina Marian, Ciocilteni village, Orhei.

During the 3 days of training, young people benefited of interactive presentations, peer to peer learning activities, group activities, plenary discussions, role plays etc. The sessions were facili-tated with great professionalism by Radion Velcev, Laurentia Filipschi and Victoria Matveev- the trainers of the event.

“This project is generating a series of activities that give an opportunity for many young people who represent both the majority and the minority population (most from rural areas) to get closer to each other, to learn about each other, to discuss and work together, and as a result they are able to overcome the existent negative social tensions between them which are based on ethnic, racial, cultural, linguistic or other type of differences,” stated Ruslan Stanga, executive director, Institute for Rural Initiatives.

Young people coming from 20 partner communities will continue to learn and practice the values of participatory democracy during the next session of the ProCivic Academy III scheduled for November, 2018.

This event was organized within the “Sustainable Community Partnerships to Support the Rights of Persons Belonging to Minorities in Republic of Moldova” project, implemented by Terre des Hommes Moldova (Tdh) in partnership with the Institute for Rural Initiatives (IRI) with the fi-nancial support of the European Union and in collaboration of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research from Moldova.

More photos from the event can be found on the Facebook page of the Institute for Rural Initiatives: