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Institute for Rural Initiatives delighted by the massive involvement of our partner communities in the Hai Moldova campaign

Institute for Rural Initiatives delighted by the massive involvement of our partner communities in the Hai Moldova campaign

On the 15th of September, the World Cleanup Day, the Institute for Rural Initiatives (IRI) together with 27 partner communities from all over the country joined the national ‘Hai Moldova’ cleanup campaign.

Just in one day, around 900 volunteers from IRI partner communities teamed up with thousands of Moldovans across the country and got involved in this global civic action. Parks, streets, bus stops, schools, kindergartens, recreational spaces were cleaned up, and tons of garbage was collected.

“We are and will be a better, cleaner world, and together we aim to create a better future,” said a group of volunteers from Cainari Vechi village, Soroca.

“It is nice and motivational to know that hundreds and thousands of people in 150 countries on the same day said NO to pollution and indifference to the environmental issues, and voluntarily participated in something beautiful that unites people, gives them wings and hope that we can have a better, cleaner world, with citizens, who every single day bring the chance in their communities,” said Mr. Ruslan Stanga, IRI director, who along with his entire family got actively involved in this activity.

“We want a clean Moldova, all the time, day to day, and have active citizens, especially in rural areas, not just on the World Cleanup Day,” said Elena Turcan, IRI coordinator.

The Institute for Rural Initiatives (IRI) encourages local and central public authorities, entrepreneurs, local NGOs and other stakeholders to initiate and organize such activities that are easy to organize, while the impact, especially in the field of public awareness, has a huge importance. The ‘Hai Moldova’ campaign proved that when local logistical support is available, people are quite receptive and open for participation.

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