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The Institute for Rural Initiatives (IRI) awards the ProCivic Academy graduates’ initiatives

The Institute for Rural Initiatives (IRI) awards the ProCivic Academy graduates’ initiatives

After one year of advanced trainings in the field of community development, civic participation, team building, leadership, fundraising and project writing some 100 ProCivic Academy graduates have the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge gained during the three editions of the complex training.

The prizes are offered by IRI only to ProCivic Academy graduates and aims to strengthen the youth initiative groups in 20 communities. The idea is to encourage local youth initiative groups to act on their own, without much guidance from mentors or IRI staff. In this way, the young graduates will have to search for financial resources beyond the program (IRI offers only 12,000 lei/MDL) for implementing a follow-up idea, to organize themselves, to write an action plan and to act in their communities in order to solve a real problem.

Map of communities involved into the project

“Via this activity, IRI aims to demonstrate that Moldovan young people can succeed in bringing the long-awaited change in the Republic of Moldova and overcome social, economic, linguistic and cultural barriers, especially in rural areas through community activism and civic responsibility,” mentioned Ruslan Stanga, IRI executive director.

Within the program the young people are encouraged to communicate and build partnerships with the LPAs, local stakeholders and other active citizens from the community.

“It is very important for us, the IRI team, to continue with applied training activities, where the youth or other beneficiaries of our programs learn not only theory and abstract knowledge, but also to put the knowledge into practice. This will help the young people to communicate, exchange ideas, and solve a real problem,” said Elena Turcan, IRI program coordinator.

This activity is part of the “Sustainable Community Partnerships to Support the Rights of Persons Belonging to Minorities in Republic of Moldova” project, implemented by Terre des Hommes Moldova (Tdh) in partnership with the Institute for Rural Initiatives (IRI) with the financial support of the European Union.