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Improving civic activism among young people from rural areas

Improving civic activism among young people from rural areas

The Institute for Rural Initiatives had a very intense summer, with many visits in the partner communities of the “IntegrACT Amplify” program.

The purpose of the visits was to consolidate the already existing youth initiative groups formed in the previous stage of the “IntegrACT PLUS” project but also to create new initiative groups in four other rural communities.

“Because we are an active group, we get involved in volunteer activities, we help the needed children in the community, we set up fields with flowers and trees, etc.” – Livia Stefanes, young lady from Nicoreni, Drochia district.

“It is very important to involve young people not only in cleaning-up activities but also in the decision-making process.” – Tatiana Romaniuc, local facilitator from Nicoreni, Drochia district.

During the meetings, we focused very much on the importance of an active initiative group, with an action plan and delegated responsibilities, regular meetings, but also the importance of partnerships with the decision makers (Mayor’s office, local entrepreneurs, school).

“We want young people to change their attitude about life in the village and to get more actively involved in civic initiatives.” – Valentina Tarlev, Bascalia, Basarabeasca district.

“A leader can be anyone, if he is responsible and tends to always learn.” – Camelia Conea, young lady from Tarigrad, Drochia district.

The initiative is carried out in 15 rural communities – 15 initiative groups with approximately 250 young people involved – 15 LPAs involved in actions with an impact on local youth policies.

In this sense, we want to improve the climate of civic activism among young people, engaging them in a continuous process of interaction and training.

“We were pleased to hear that young people want to make the change and are ready to get involved to create their communities more attractive, with a better living environment.” – Lilia Sula, program assistant, IRI.

The initiative “IntegrACT Amplify: rural youth empowerment” is implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives (IRI) within the 2019 Grant Program for Youth Organizations of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova.