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Competition for selecting 15 NGOs as local partners of the Institute for Rural Initiatives (IRI) within the “Youth Empowerment Program” in rural communities

Competition for selecting 15 NGOs as local partners of the Institute for Rural Initiatives (IRI) within the “Youth Empowerment Program” in rural communities

Institute for Rural Initiatives (IRI) announces a competition for selecting 15 NGOs which promote youth activities willing to become partners of the Institute for Rural Initiatives (IRI) within the “Youth Empowerment Program” in rural communities.

Project purpose:

Increasing the number of empowered Moldovan youth in 30 communities to act as agents of positive social change within their communities and constructively engage in non-partisan civic activities.

Duration of partnership:

20 months (February 2020 – September 2021).

Who can apply?

Interested NGOs which can demonstrate experience working with young people at local level, but also with various stakeholders (local public administration, school, business sector, diaspora, etc.) are invited to complete the form below:

The Application Form (Annex 1) Word version.

Any previous experience in implementing projects of community interest will be an advantage.

Eligibility criteria for local NGOs:
  1. Be officially registered.
  2. Demonstrate at least 2 years working experience with youth at local level.
  3. Have an active bank account.
  4. No debts to the state budget.
  5. Have an active team, open to learn new things.
Responsibilities within the project:
  • Following a training course, each of the 15 selected organizations will create an initiative group (5-7 young people) in 2 rural communities from the Republic of Moldova. In this respect, each organization will be responsible to create, train and mentor 2 initiative groups from 2 rural communities.
  • The partner organizations will actively work with all relevant stakeholders in order to empower youth at local level.
  • The partner organizations will participate in all trainings, evaluation meetings and exchange experience (around 15 during the 20 project months) organized within the project.
  • The partner organizations will respect the contract and the annual action plan previously agreed.
Opportunities within the project:
  • Free participation in quality trainings resulting in continuous institutional development of the organization and fortified capacities in the field of youth work.
  • Learn/Share the best practices from USA and European experts.
  • Opportunities to manage a mini-grant in the youth community interest (the total grant value is $4,000).
  • Participate in the most important events from our country in the field of youth work.
  • Opportunities to interact with state officials, public policymakers and various experts in the youth field and rural development.
To participate in the competition, please present the following documents:
  1. Motivation letter, write (max. one page) the reasons you want to participate in the project.
  2. Copy of the registration document attesting the legal registration of the organization.
  3. Completed form (Annex 1).
  4. A short description of the organization’s activities (relevant materials: research, strategies, training materials, newsletters, brochures; any other informative materials: newspaper articles, audio / video recordings, activities photos, etc.).
  5. Letter of recommendation from a donor or a local partner the organization interacted with.

The NGOs that have collaborated and/or collaborate with the National Youth Council of Moldova, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova, the National Council for Participation etc. need to mention this because it constitutes an advantage.

The deadline to submit the partnership applications is Friday, January 31, 2020, 6 p.m. (local time in Moldova).

The complete application will include the following documents:

  1. The completed form (Annex 1).
  2. Motivation letter.
  3. Copy of the registration document.
  4. Letter of recommendation.

The application can be submitted in Romanian or Russian, either (a) by e-mail and/or with the subject Partners in the project _name of the organization or (b) in a sealed envelope mentioning Partners in the project _name of the organization at the following address: Vasile Alecsandri St. 32, office 3A, Chisinau MD-2012, Republic of Moldova.

For any other questions or additional information according the application process, please contact us via e-mail and/or or at (+373 22) 22 24 02.

*Attention: IRI reserves the right to contact only the selected organizations.

The “Youth Empowerment Program” is implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives (IRI) in partnership with WSOS Community Action with the financial support of the U.S. State Department.