Press Release

Press Release

The Institute for Rural Initiatives announces the successful implementation of the 2nd round of distributing educational vouchers. The action was achieved within “Facilitating quality education for Roma children in a Moldova school”, project with the support of Roma Education Fund from Budapest. The objective of these vouchers are to boost the academic performance of Roma children from the village of Zirnesti, and to increase the integration of these children in school.

In the first round on August 29, 2011, 61 student beneficiaries were each given a complete set of school supplies. Now a total of 41 students have received books, practice workbooks and other school supplies required for a quality education process.

The book distribution ceremony was attended by about 20 parents/tutors of the Roma children, students, the school administration and IRI representatives.

In the ceremony the parents and beneficiaries were reminded about the importance of academic education and the need to be involved in the school’s academic processes. In particular parents were made aware of the serious need to be involved in the supervision of homework. Mrs. Ana Caranfil, the school representative, came with recommendations/ideas to improve the educational approach, such as working individually with students and their parents.

For their part, the parents of the beneficiaries came with the request to find solutions that would allow for additional lessons to help students with low academic averages in order to better understand particular school subjects.

Parents and the school administration expressed their thanks to the IRI representatives and Roma Education Fund for their support to improve the educational success and academic participation in the Zirnesti school.