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Critical thinking course – a new challenge for Democracy Club members in Zirnesti

Critical thinking course – a new challenge for Democracy Club members in Zirnesti

The Institute for Rural Initiatives announces successful implementation of the first round of the extracurricular activities, “Youth and critical thinking” in the Democracy School in the village of Zirnesti, Cahul district.Module activities were grouped into 5 interactive workshops aimed at developing and enhancing critical thinking skills of children from the school and raising Zirnesti’s civic participation and academic research on various topics.

The workshops are conducted in an interactive, free and relaxed manner which allowed children to engage openly and actively. In particular, children were given the opportunity to express their opinion about one subject or another, which motivated them to be more creative and better arguing their point of view. For example, in one of the activities the children were asked to create an image of an alien and talk about what rules aliens would require for their planet to be able to live together harmoniously. Then the children were challenged to support their position with arguments.

The development and implementation of workshops involved experts and Peace Corps volunteers in Moldova. Workshops are held once a week throughout the school year and include 22 students between the ages of 12-15 years.

The course “Youth and critical thinking” is part of the Program for Social Inclusion of 2011-2012. Democracy School is organized by the Institute for Rural Initiatives with the support of generous partners from the Global Fund for Children and Roma Education Fund.

Democracy School is also the constant supporter of the high school administration at “Ion Creanga” high school and the boyscouts club “Egreta” from the village of Zirnesti.