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Santa Claus visits the children of Zirnesti

Santa Claus visits the children of Zirnesti

The Institute for Rural Initiatives with the support of Global Fund for Children made possible on New Year’s Eve an event, in which children participating in the Democracy School had the opportunity to enjoy the arrival of the new year with a real Santa Claus. Children who had the opportunity to be at the celebration were able to talk to and receive gifts brought by Santa Claus. The Democracy School children showed Santa they deserved the gifts that he brought by facing challenges he made for them (fun evaluation suggested by IRI experts). This was shown by answering easily such questions as: Where does the word “Democracy” come from and what does it mean?, Why are we different but equal?, Why should I be a good friend?, What does Seneca’s statement mean to “learn not for school but for life”? Santa Claus was obviously satisfied, and the kids were then rewarded by Christmas gifts.

The joy and smiles of the children did not go unnoticed, and they were pleasantly surprised by the encounter with Santa Claus, the gifts, and good wishes offered by him.

In organizing the even and creating the atmosphere of celebration was attended by staff and volunteers from the Institute for Rural Initiatives and Peace Corps.

This event was made possible thanks to the support of Global Fund for Children.