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Democracy School children took the challenge…

Democracy School children took the challenge…

The Institute for Rural Initiatives announces the successful completion of the course “Youth and Critical Thinking” in the School of Democracy.

Around 25 children from the village of Zirnesti in Cahul county and the village of Mingir in Hincesti county participated in 15 workshops where they learned to develop critical thinking and to face challenges in order to complete their first academic research assignment.

Special emphasis in the course was placed on interactive, free and unobstructed atmosphere, which allowed the participants to think and behave openly and actively in the workshops. Children having the possibility to express their own opinion on their own chosen subjects motivated them to be creative but also persuasive in arguing their points of view.

At the end of the course, the participants were challenged to build upon their knowledge accumulated over two modules designed to develop critical thinking skills by independently researching a topic of their choice. As a result of the challenge, two youth from Zirnesti and Mingir that presented the most successful research were given diplomas and prizes.