Press Release

Press Release

Already becoming a tradition, for the seventh consecutive year the Institute for Rural Initiatives organized interactive civic education summer school for children and youth from disadvantaged communities from the Republic of Moldova. This year, IRI with the support of the Global Fund for Children and also in cooperation with a series of local partners and Peace Corps volunteers in Moldova organized summer schools in three locations in Moldova: the community of Zirnesti, Cahul, and the villages of Gribova, Drochia and Minjir, Hincesti. The summer schools occurred between the 4th and 12th of August, 2012 and involved around 50 children from three counties, with most of the children coming from Roma communities/neighborhoods.

The goals of the summer schools were to build inter-ethnic, friendly communication, civic responsibility, developing leadership skills, team work, and developing critical thinking skills as well as other skills that contribute to forming integrated people in society.

Attendees had the possibility to participate in theoretical working sessions as well as interactive games from the PC Moldova initative “Haiducii”. The general theme of the summer schools was “The Community and I”. One of the thematic-interactive activities most appreciated by the children was the game “How I see others”, in which the children were asked to reflect about negative moments they had observed in their communities.

In groups, the children also discussed children’s rights, inclusion, non-discrimination, and harmonious living. At the end of the activities, the children showed their knowledge of their rights and responsibilities and the rules of coexistence and non-confrontational communication in society.

These activities were organized by the Institute for Rural Initiatives with the financial support from the Global Fund for Children (Social Inclusion Program), with the cooperation of Peace Corps Volunteers in Moldova (Monika Hartsel, Andrea Kedley, Holly Walker, Dahnika Sachs, and Jan Czechowski), “Opre o Ciacimos” NGO from Minjir, Hincesti, and community mediators from Gribova, Drochia (Angela Radita and Natalia Dumunica).