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Community participation: learning to be active in our community

Community participation: learning to be active in our community

The Institute for Rural Initiatives announces the launch of a new course of interactive activities in the Democracy School, “Community participation: learning to be active in our community”. In the 2012-2013 school year, this course was simultaneously launched in three schools in Moldova (village of Minjir, Hincesti district, village of Gribova, Drochia district, village of Zirnesti, Cahul district).

In these interactive lessons, Roma children along with other children will benefit from interactive workshops, discussions with community experts, and thematic competitions. Although the children from Zirnesti and Minjir already have benefitted from these kinds of activities before, the children in Gribova will have completely new experiences.

The workshops will maintain an interactive, free and relaxed environment that will allow the children to participate freely and actively in all of the proposed activities to be implemented during the courses. Here the children have the possibility to express their own views about different subjects or ideas that motivate them to be more creative and self-assured in arguing their points of view but also involving themselves in different activities of public interest in the three locations.

The development and implementation of the workshops in the three Democracy Schools are made possible by involved community experts and Peace Corps volunteers in Moldova. Workshops are held once a week throughout the school year and will involve around 50 pupils between the ages of 12 and 15.

This activity is a part of the Program for Social Inclusion 2012-2013 of the Democracy School organized by the Institute for Rural Initiatives with the generous support by their partners from the Global Fund for Children from Washington, D.C., USA.

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