Press Release

Press Release

On March 24, 2013 the Institute for Rural Initiatives was the host for Mr. Pius Frick, Country Representative at Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) in the Republic of Moldova.

Mr. Frick’s visit was a part of the project “Education Plus: Supporting and advancing the inclusion of Roma kids in one school of Moldova” being implemented at the moment in the village school of Zirnesti, Cahul rayon. The project aims to facilitate the processes of formal and non-formal education in the selected school. The project focuses on diminishing the educational gap between Roma and non-Roma kids, the rate of absenteeism and drop-out while motivating Roma and non-Roma kids to friendly interaction, and Roma parents and school teachers to more dialog and trust.

Mr. Frick and IRI representatives together with the school administration and facilitating teachers discussed the first results of the quality education process based on pioneered educational vouchers.

One of the first conclusions made by the LED representative was the success of the initiative implementation strategy in terms of the facilitation of quality education.

It should be recalled that the initiative lies in supplying educational vouchers, which are equivalent to the necessary school supplies, to disadvantaged children with an emphasis on children of Roma origin. The children also benefit from quality homework facilitation sessions as well as from food-vouchers, which are used at the school’s cantina.