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Kids better equipped with school supplies have more chances for quality education

Kids better equipped with school supplies have more chances for quality education

On April 11, 2013 the Institute for Rural Initiatives distributed its 3rd type of educational voucher, the basic educational voucher, which is a complex set of school supplies and auxiliaries.

IRI thinks that poor and vulnerable kids (in this project most of beneficiaries are Roma) are able to overcome the closed vicious circle they are trapped in only by a multi-level complex approach. This approach includes offering kids the basic they need for being able to meet all rigors of a quality academic process: school supplies, food, proper environment and assistance to do their homework as well as affection and understanding from peers and teachers.

The received school supplies respond individually to all 71 beneficiaries, especially now in the period of preparations for the exams and tests. For better understanding the kids’ needs the Institute for Rural Initiatives and Zirnesti school administration organized a school survey according to which each beneficiary was interviewed while indicating on the specific school supply units. The kids’ inquiries were double-checked with their professors, processed and distributed.

At the event participated also the beneficiaries’ parents who were also asked to participate more actively in the educational processed of their kids. This is the 3rd time in 4 months when Roma parents are gathered in this project. That is a great accomplishment considering previous years when Roma parents would hardly participate at 1 or 2 school events per year.

This activity is a part of the Education Plus project implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives with the support of Liechtenstein Development Service Foundation (LED, Moldova) and it intends to continue efforts on growing social inclusion among communities populated by Roma people in the Republic of Moldova.