Roma community mediators’ dialogue with representatives of the Government

Roma community mediators’ dialogue with representatives of the Government

In the context of the efforts to institutionalize nationwide community mediators on June 14, 2013 a working meeting was conducted between the impending Roma community mediators and representatives from the government of Moldova through a forum for Pro-Roma Public Policy.

Representing the government at this event was the Vice Minister of the MMPSF Sergiu Sainciuc and Ruslan Stanga, a representative of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister.

During the meeting they discussed the latest developments on completing the process of institutionalization of mediators, in particular about the rules about then functions of community mediators and recommendations made to improve the rules.

Representing the mediators were Valeriu Caldararu and Elena Bogdan who spoke about the challenges of the hiring people with the necessary skills in order to fill the posts of community mediators. Also discussed was the difficulty of finding places to work that have the necessary equipment.

Participants in the event agreed to a continued dialogue with the goal of streamlining the process of institutionalizing the functions of Roma community mediators. In this regard it was also agreed on the need to organize a meeting in the near future with APL representatives to inform communities on how to select the most competent potential mediators and also about creating a constructive partnership between communities, mediators, and the APL.

The event was hosted by the Ministry of Labour, Social and Family, and attended by Roma community mediators from many districts of Moldova (Hincesti, Drochia, Soroca etc). The Pro-Roma Public Policy forum was recently created by the Institute for Rural Initiatives as an informal discussion on policy targeted at local Roma communities in Moldova.