Press Release

Press Release

On July 4, 2013 in the town of Cahul was held the second session of the Training on methodologies in facilitating quality education, action planning, implementation methods, basic indicators in monitoring and reporting organized by the Institute for Rural Initiatives.

The training session was attended by 19 teachers of the school in the village Zirnesti who are involved in the process of facilitating quality education with the status of homework facilitators. Also at the event participated Mrs. Tatiana Hulub, the Head of General Education Department of Cahul.

The purpose of the training was to assess the results of facilitating quality education and to identify solutions to improve deployment methodology for future periods. Mrs. Hulub came in front of the participants with the pros for the importance of inclusive and special education methods, necessary for a successful achievement of inclusive education. Special emphasis was put on the need for continuous monitoring of the process of facilitating the education of quality and assessment of failures in order to avoid them in the future.

Working in teams proposed to the participants was focused on the results to facilitate quality education in particular, assessing the strengths and weaknesses with the subsequent substantiated proposals in order to improve the quality of education facility.

The Executive Director of the Institute for Rural Initiatives Tatiana Costev did a presentation of preliminary statistical results obtained from facilitating quality education through voucher system is education.

The conclusions of the training participants were referred to the fact that the project is a success and has obvious positive results in facilitating the education of quality, although still a continuation of efforts over the years ahead for the impact to be one with the long run.

The project “Education Plus: Supporting and advancing the inclusion of Roma kids in one school of Moldova” takes place at the moment in the school in the village of Zirnesti, Cahul district, with the support of Liechtenstein Development Service Foundation (LED) in the Republic of Moldova.