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Summer School “I am planning to have a future”

Summer School “I am planning to have a future”

The Institute for Rural Initiatives organizes summer schools for Democracy club participants from several regions of Republic of Moldova: Zirnesti village, Cahul, Gribova village, Drochia, and Mingir village of Hincesti district.

This year summer schools were held on 16-25 August, 2013 with about 60 children participating, both of Roma and non-Roma origins, aged between 9-16 years. The slogan of summer schools was “Planning to have a future.”

The major objective of summer schools was that children from the three regions had to understand the role and importance of education in the future they dreaming of. Therefore, one of the activities was the drawing competition, where children drew in different colors how they see their future over 10 years. All participants performed well being very talented, creative and original. Surprising was that children’s ambitions were modest and realistic. For example, some of the children from Zirnesti drew their village full of sunshine, bright colors, with a well developed infrastructure, and full of harmony.

Each of the three summer schools involved a series of interactive games and fun competitions that have created a cheerful atmosphere and motivated participants to demonstrate the strength and team spirit.

These activities have proved once again that children in joint participation and interaction can better than adults overcome prejudices, and regardless of their ethnic origins, can play together, be team partners and friends.

These activities were organized by the Institute for Rural Initiatives within the “Social Inclusion” program, with the generous support from the Global Fund for Children, USA, Washington, D.C. and Foundation of the Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) in Moldova, in cooperation with Peace Corp’s volunteers in Moldova (Roberto Wortman, Victoria Hopper, Juliana Samper, Sarah Hysong, and Natalia Guenova) and IRI volunteers Aliona Belicci, Elijah Ianacoglo and community mediators in the town of Gribova, Drochia, and Mingir, Hincesti (Angela Radita and Valeriu Caldararu).