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How much is a smile worth?

How much is a smile worth?

On the occasion of the First Bell ceremony on September 2, 2013 the children from the day care center and the lyceum from Zirnesti village, Cahul rayon, experienced a double joy: besides enjoying the festive atmosphere they also were donated gifts.

The donation was provided by the Institute for Rural Initiatives and had at least two objects in view: first, to facilitate recreational and educational processes for children of Zirnesti; second, to contribute to a harmonious inclusion of more than 60 Roma kids. This donation comes from a group of people from Liechtenstein willing to give smiles to children and to make them believe in a better future.

The main focus of the initiative was to supply four preschool groups of children with toys and educational books. As to students from the lyceum, they were donated supplies for technology education.

This is the first time in the history of Zirnesti day care center that its children receive a donation of toys.

Both parents and administrations of the Theoretical Lyceum “Ion Creanga” and the Child Day Care Center “Andries” expressed deep gratitude to IRI representatives and people of good faith from Liechtenstein (LED), who had shown compassion and willingness to make lives of these children more beautiful.