Press Release

Press Release

On September 22 the Institute for Rural Initiatives participated in the 13th annual Ethnical Festival in Cahul.

The festival was attended by representatives of Hebrew, Romani, Russian, Bulgarian and Czech ethnicities. The event was held in Cahul Hore square, each ethnic group was presenting an artistical performance, exhibition and specific traditional meal.

Because our society is diverse, the Ethnical Festival gathered together several ethnic groups in the district to focus on friendship, understanding and peace among nations in the Republic of Moldova.

It became already a tradition of the Institute for Rural Initiatives to support the Ethnic Festival in order to promote Roma culture and traditions, as well as to promote constructive interethnic dialogue, intercultural cooperation and actions of developing a positive image of our Moldovan state.

Meanwhile, withinn the framework of the festival IRI has found time to promote a positive image of Roma people and their active involvement in society. In this way, to the festival guests have been presented success stories of the 6 regions of Moldova where the campaign “I act because I care” has been held.

At the end of the event representatives of the Local Government came to address gratitude, congratulations and honor diplomas for participation in the festival.