Children from the Democracy schools are hosts to the friends

Children from the Democracy schools are hosts to the friends

The IRI team visited the kids from the Democracy school in the village of Gribova, region of Drochia, and in the village of Mingir, region of Hincesti, which are supported thru the Social Inclusion program 2013-2014.

Children from both Democracy schools together with guests attended the work session in the free, friendly and interactive atmosphere. Democracy school members were able to express the concept of friendship in the way they perceive. Outstanding for the IRI team was that children very convincingly explained the concept of friendship, comparing it with the sun, love, smiles and good cheer.

In the workshop children showed enthusiasm, confidence and their eyes full of “spark” for the knowledge gained during the current year in the Democracy school.

Please note that this program provides the opportunity for a mixed group of children from three regions of Moldova to act as promoters of democracy, with capacities of cultural sensitivity, tolerance of these differences, acceptance and respect for one another.

Democracy school is part of the Social Inclusion program 2013-2014 implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives, local partners with the generous support of the Global Fund for Children, Washington, D.C., and Liechtenstein Development Service Foundation (LED) in Moldova.