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The Institute for Rural Initiatives continues to motivate pupils from the villages to be better students

The Institute for Rural Initiatives continues to motivate pupils from the villages to be better students

The last bell ceremony brought in four school of Moldova a lot of emotions and happiness for many children, especially for the 16 winners of the IRI Award Program.

The organization together with its local partners had held for the fourth consecutive time the Award Program. It aims to motivate pupils from the rural areas of Moldova who excelled in studies and civic activism within their community.

Four winners in the nomination of ”The best pupil of the school” received diplomas and cash prizes worth of 1000 MDL, other 12 winners in the nomination ”The most active pupil of the school” received cash prizes worth of 400, 300, 200 and 100 MDL.

”I am happy and I feel now even more motivated to obtain new results in the future,” said Gabriela Chirila, winner of ”The best pupil of the school” from village Zirnesti, Cahul district.

Initially, organization was planning to award 9 children, but as the result of involvement and support of the local partners was possible to add 7 more children.

”This example proves a good mobilization within communities at local level. So it’s possible, if this is wanted. It’s time that people from rural areas say NO to indifference and apathy. This is exactly what the Institute for Rural Initiatives wants to do, this is main goal of the project,” declared Tatiana Costev, Executive Director IRI.

The program was launched for the first time in 2011 in two communities in the South of Moldova: in Cahul district, Gymnasium ”S. Esenin” from Alexanderfeld village and in ”I. Creanga” High School from Zirnesti village. In 2012 the program was extended in Mingir village, Hincesti district, and Gribova village, Drochia district. During program existence 36 children received the awards.

”This program is unique in Moldova and has clear and successful results. I do believe it’s necessary that this program is extended in order to include other rural schools too,” said Aliona Ribac, Director of ”Gribova” Gymnasium.

The Institute for Rural Initiatives announces that starting with next year the program will be extended to city of Hincesti and invites all interested persons and organizations, including the Government of Moldova, to get involved and support this program.

Award program is part of the Social Inclusion program for 2013–2014 implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives. The program in implemented with the support from Global Fund for Children, Washington, D.C., Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) in Moldova, and local partners.