Ethnic communities become stronger by developing their planning capabilities

Ethnic communities become stronger by developing their planning capabilities

In between 18-20th of September the Institute for Rural Initiatives conducted a series of field visits in 5 communities across the country where do live compact or mixed representatives of national minorities. Study visits were performed in the following locations: Ferapontievca, Comrat rayon, Carpineni village, Hincesti rayon; Huluboaia, Alexanderfeld and Ursoaia villages from Cahul rayon.

The main purpose of the visit was to organize capacity building activities in order to motivate people to participate in public life, to promote ways of better access to local services and available opportunities, as well as empower them with a better understanding and exercising of their rights.

The specifics of these visits was to organize meetings in the open space called “neighborhood meetings”. This contributes to building up a friendly and open atmosphere that allows participants to share their opinions and points of view as well as describe problems they are facing with no fear of being blamed.

A team of experts named the Mobile Clinique had performed discussions with local initiative groups related to community, mobilization, integration and participation issues. During the field has been also collected information necessary for an overview and a clearer view of the situation regarding the progress gained and difficulties encountered during the project implementation.

About 55 people from 5 villages have found the visits very useful and necessary, and do consider assistance they had received not only a legal and logistical support, but also a strong motivation for themselves.

In this regard, Mrs. Nadejda Hineva, director of the kindergarten form Ursoaia village, Cahul rayon mentioned: “Thank you so much for your time and consideration regarding the problems that are being faced by ethnic minorities. In our everyday life do appear issues that overshadow our problems and, as a result, perish motivation, confidence and desire to change things for the better. Thank you a lot for showing us that it is possible and how it is possible to change things for the better “.

The Mobile Clinique represents an activity implemented within the frame of the project “Minority Act: growing capacity for interethnic dialogue and cooperation” implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives and its local partners, with the support of U.S. Embassy in Moldova.