The process of quality education facilitation continues

The process of quality education facilitation continues

47 teachers coming from three schools from Moldova (Gribova village, Drochia rayon, Zirnesti village, Cahul rayon, and Hincesti town) attended between 27-29 October, 2014 capacity building courses aimed to improve the teaching process in the educational institutions they represent.

Being guided by Mrs. Daniela State, the main expert from Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA, Chisinau, teachers have enhanced their knowledge regarding all aspects of tutoring and homework facilitating sessions – a core component of the “Education plus II” project. During this particular training course an emphasis was given to topics related to “Conflict Management”.

It is noteworthy that the subjects addressed during the capacity building were requested by the teachers involved in the project implementation at previous sessions. During this training the concept of “conflict” has been analyzed from academic perspective, there were discussed the nature and types of conflicts, conflict negotiation methods, what are the most effective methods of conflict management in schools, as well as aspects of building student-teacher, student-student, parent-teacher relationships etc.

We would like to remind that the Institute for Rural Initiatives has been implementing the pilot project of distributing educational vouchers since 2009, and teachers from three communities will receive qualified capacity building trainings during the period 2014-2016.

The project “Education plus II” is implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives and partners with the support of Liechtenstein Development Service Foundation (LED).

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