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15 communities from Moldova continue to explore community development field

15 communities from Moldova continue to explore community development field

The Institute for Rural Initiatives organized the second training “Academy for building community activism II” on December 11-14, 2014.

During a four day workshop 65 participants, representatives of 5 ethnic groups coming from 15 communities from all over Moldova have attended intense capacity building and development sessions on the following topics: “What is Community Organizing ?”, “What are the problems in the community I do live in?”, “How can we find our common voice?”, “What is our message and the type of action it requires?”.

“I applaud this particular event, as well as entire project initiative, which gives the possibility to ethnic groups to progress and develop themselves in order to establish strong and friendly communities. I am glad that with the help of our partners we will manage to have success stories here, in Moldova,” has mentioned Mrs. Elena Beleacova, General Director of the Bureau of Interethnic Relations of Moldova, during her welcoming speech at the official opening of the event.

The guest of honor Mr. Paul G. Graddon, Political-Economic Section, representative of the U.S. Embassy in Moldova, has welcomed the event as well and underlined the importance of such an initiatives at the national level.

LIGA Training II was a continuation of the first capacity building training held in August this year. During previous event local initiative groups have organized several community meetings “Your opinion matters” and identified the most stringent problems their communities are facing and which they would like to address within the frame of this project.

Participants came across very active and much more enthusiastic then before, they enjoyed working in small groups, got actively involved in role plays and have learned new tools and techniques in the field of community organizing, which they would apply into practice immediately, after returning to their communities.

“At the first training I hardly understood what I am supposed to do further and I had some doubts regarding getting involved in the initiative, but right now I am absolutely sure that community activism and participation helps to create a strong community. I want to live in a strong, progressive community, where citizens are being engaged, with active involvement and strong participation. The most important thing that I have learned during these 4 days is how and what I am supposed to do in order to contribute efficiently to this difficult process,” shared Olga Curleanteva, the leader of the initiative group from Edinet.

A very special moment of the training that has already become a tradition was intercultural evening, during which representatives of the five ethnic groups (Roma, Czech, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Gagauzian) made presentations of their traditions, history and culture. The evening turned to be a veritable show of cultural and ethnic diversity in Moldova.

The training was conducted by an international team of professional trainers: Cristine Doby (USA), Iustina Neagu and Nicoleta Chirita (Romania), Igor Pivovar (Moldova).

Training course “Academy for building community activism II” is a part of IRI efforts to develop and promote community activism and participation within the project „Minority empowerment in Moldova”. The next training course will take place in February, 2015.

The “Minority Empowerment in Moldova” project is funded by the U.S. State Department Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, administered by WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc. and is locally implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives.