Santa Claus’ tradition brings long expected smiles and joy for active children!

Santa Claus’ tradition brings long expected smiles and joy for active children!

The Institute for Rural Initiatives gives an atmosphere of holidays to all the children from the Democracy School. This year we have not given up on our beautiful tradition. We wrote a letter to Santa mentioning the creative, active and obedient children from Alexanderfeld and Zirnesti villages, region of Cahul; Gribova village region of Drochia; Mingir village, region of Hincesti, and Hincesti city.

Therefore, Santa Claus packed with gifts the whole week traveled across Moldova from the north to the south to visit all 126 children, who participated at the Democracy School during the entire year. This time the IRI team decided to keep Santa’s company. Together they went to the “Ion Creanga” High School from Zirnesti village, region of Cahul, and Gymnasium ”Gribova” from Gribova village, region of Drochia. The extremely happy and dressed up children were waiting for Santa Claus singing carols, Christmas songs and reciting poetry.

Sparks in the eyes of children, sincere joy and infinite smiles have filled the atmosphere and gave us the motivation for the coming year.

The Democracy School is part of the Social Inclusion program 2014-2015 implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives. The project aims to continue further education of a mixed group of children, who will act as promoters of democracy with capacities of cultural sensitivity, tolerance, acceptance and respect for one another.

The program is realized by the Institute for Rural Initiatives with generous support from Global Fund for Children, Washington, D.C. and local partners.