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When you care, you do something!

When you care, you do something!

The Institute for Rural Initiatives announces the organization of an exceptional community moblization action.

On November 3, 2010, within the project “Participation is your chance” IRI together with an initiative group from Zirnesti village, Cahul district, and in partnership with the Town Hall of Zirnesti repaired a small section of a severely damaged road that unites two neighborhoods of Zirnesti village. The problem with this road was that in bad weather it became inaccessible for all means of transportation (including emergency vehicles, police, etc.) and as well for kindergarten and elementary school children needing to go to school. Thus, in inclement weather the Puricani neighborhood remained practically isolated from the rest of the village because of the bad road.

As a result of the mobilization activities, approximately 19 people gathered in a joint action with the purpose of making the road accessible. To this end, around 24 tons of gravel donated by the Town Hall of Zirnesti was laid. In the end, the road was improved so that any means of transportation can now access the Puricani neighborhood at any time. In spite of the fact that the road is far from perfect, people are glad that the muddy road and unpleasant memories are already in the past.

With the occasion of the completion of this work, the Institute for Rural Initiatives launches the action “When you care, you do something!” with the goal of motivating communities from the Republic of Moldova faced with the problem of bad roads to comply with these types of local initiatives.

The Institute is of the opinion that through participatory actions, by making local partnerships and by continuing to raise the awareness of the local population, the nation’s bad roads can be improved in several areas throughout the country by following the example presented above.

For questions and further details related to this initiative, please contact us by email or telephone/fax +373 22 222402