Building democracy at home: supporting interethnic dialog and cross-cultural cooperation

Building democracy at home: supporting interethnic dialog and cross-cultural cooperation

The goal of this project is improving the climate of interethnic relations in Moldova and especially between majority and national minority population in Cahul rayon through training/education, large community participation action, and involvement in decision making processes at the local level.

The project intends to realize this while implementing a number of activities such as thematic workshops, open public lectures, discussion caffees, TV emission, consultative sessions with communities etc. In this sense the Institute for Rural Initiatives plans to design, create, develop, and in partnership with Cahul and Zirnesti authorities organize a complex extracurricular interactive and need-oriented 3-months course of civic education, democratic leadreship, cross-ethnic cooperation, conflict resolution management and public participation.

The project will take place in two locations of Moldova (Cahul town and Zirnesti village) and will be focused on both academic optional courses and non-formal education.

The mentioned frameworks will serve as “focals” of civic education and capacity building in the region while promoting democratic leadership, cross-ethnic cooperation, conflict management and public participation in solving common local societal problems.

Also, the project intends to stimulate constructive discussions/partnerships with some relevant stakeholders (representatives of national minorities, local and central authorities, initiative groups, profile NGOs etc.) in the direction developing inclusive and participatory policies for national minorities on the local level.

This project is implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives and its local partners with the financial support of the Embassy of the United States of America in Moldova.

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