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Project Participation Is Your Chance

Project Participation Is Your Chance

This project appears as a natural response to one of the main problems in Moldovan society per ensemble and particularly in Zirnesti community – lack of participation and activism in public life of community, especially in communities populated compactly by representatives of different ethnic groups.

The present project intends to launch a new initiative in the region (with real possibilities of follow up) meant to facilitate a series of ample participatory processes of common interest within Zirnesti community with a special focus on two streets the community which are populated on the one side mainly by citizens of Roma provenience (neighborhood segregated residentially by the rest of the Zirnesti village by a about 300-400 m and preponderantly populated by Roma people and on the other side mainly by non-Roma (marginal street of south-west Zirnesti village).

The present project plans a number of exact activities that will contribute directly and with clear indicators towards the realization of projects’ goals. The project intends to build capacity of efficient community mobilization among Roma and non-Roma population of Zirnesti village, promote the spirit of democratic dialog and cooperation against the background of a common interest problem among Roma representatives of Puricani neighborhood and non-Roma population of immediate vicinity as well as Local Public Administration. At the end of the project there is expected to have created a sample mechanism of partnership between Local Public Administration and local beneficiaries of the project while consulting and cooperating on public common interest matter.

The project will elaborate a document to propose the institutionalization of local public policy development on the background of live and LPA (mayor’s office, local village counsel) the practice of involving citizen in the decision-making processes on very local level (neighborhood and street level) and particularly the respective neighborhoods and streets to be involved in the project.

The central set of activities in the project will be the common voluntary work session directed at addressing a problem of biggest public interest in the village – bad roads. The participants (representative of the two neighborhoods) will participate together in road-rapair actions. Despite the fact that road-repair is not a purpose itself, it is to be mentioned that by this collective, high-interest action for local population will contribute to the solve a greater problem of the community: passivity and non-participation of local citizen in issues of public interest. This problem appears as the main problem to address or make a difference to with this project.

This project is implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives in partnership with local public administration of Zirnesti and local initiative group with the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in the framework of the Moldova Civil Society Strengthening Program, implemented by Academy for Educational Development (AED).

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