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The Initiative for Social Inclusion program

The Initiative for Social Inclusion program

Currently the Institute for Rural Initiatives with the generous support from the Global Fund for Children, USA, Washington, D.C. and Foundation of the Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) in Moldova is continuing implementing the pilot initiative “Initiative for Social Inclusion” meant to create and/or develop democracy clubs in poor disadvantaged communities of Moldova while developing the IRI Social Inclusion program in direction of favoring disadvantaged/marginalized kids (with a focus on Roma kids) while informing, training, mobilizing beneficiaries so that they become more integrated in society: better treated and better understood.

This year the Institute for Rural Initiatives will be operating in 3 villages of Moldova: Zirnesti, rayon of Cahul (South), Minjir, rayon of Hincesti (Center), and Drochia, rayon of Drochia (North).

The present initiative is implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives and its local partners as well as in cooperation with the school administrations of Zirnesti village, Cahul rayon, and Minjir village, Hincesti rayon, and with the financial support of the Global Fund for Children, Washington, D.C.
Expectation in the project

  • We want to bring together Roma and non-Roma kids to learn and act as genuine democracy promoters, with cross-cultural sensitiveness, tolerance and acceptance to each other.
  • We want to confer durability for the created local initiatives “Democracy School” clubs within three schools in the mentioned 3 locations of the Republic of Moldova in order to support and stimulate those frameworks as a platform for building activism and participation of children and youth in their communities.
  • We want to create innovative instruments for sending the message of the project more efficiently to the Moldovan society.

In this sense the present project offers continuity to the two existent democracy clubs (in Minjir and Zirnesti villages). The two existent frameworks will serve as practical and concrete models for replicating the IRI model in other villages of Moldova. This year the Institute for Rural Initiatives is extending in one more community.

The activities of the project will consist of a set of interactive extracurricular courses of community mobilization and a module of developing personal initiative as well as a series of summer camps/schools for children and other interactive activities.

In order to stimulate academic growth and healthy competition of our beneficiaries the project will also select and award the best students of the three schools in 2013.

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