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The Social Inclusion program

The Social Inclusion program

The Institute for Rural Initiatives with the generous support from the Global Fund for Children, USA, Washington, D.C. and Foundation of the Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) in Moldova continued the implementation of this initiative aimed to provide continuity of the organization’s efforts to create and develop democracy clubs throughout the country, especially in disadvantaged rural communities.

This year the Institute will be holding activities in the village of Zirnesti, Cahul district, village of Minjir, Hincesti district, and village of Gribova, Drochia district. This initiative is to support the IRI Social Inclusion program focused on encouraging disadvantaged or marginalized children and promoting the idea of social inclusion, harmonious coexistence, ethnic non-discrimination, tolerance, and acceptance.

This initiative is implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives and its local partners in cooperation with local schools from the village of Minjir, Hincesti district, village of Gribova, Drochia district, and village of Zirnesti, Cahul district.

The project aims to continue further education of a mixed group of children from three regions of the country, who will act as promoters of democracy, with capacities of cultural sensitivity, tolerance, acceptance and respect for one another.

The project will implement the following activities: an interactive set of civic education, community mobilization and personal initiative development that will take place throughout the school year. The project will traditionally organize a series of summer schools and will continue the pilot initiative “The best student of the school”, within which the best students from three schools of Moldova will be selected and awarded.

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