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Education Plus II: inclusion of Roma kids in three schools of Moldova

Education Plus II: inclusion of Roma kids in three schools of Moldova

The project will continue the efforts initiated by the Institute for Rural Initiatives and Liechtenstein Development Service Foundation (LED) to support the social inclusion of Roma communities in the Republic of Moldova.

The project aims to facilitate the processes of formal and non-formal education in a number of selected schools for the Roma children to be integrated into the school. The project will focus on reducing the education gap between the Roma and non-Roma children, decreasing class absence rate and dropout rate, and growing a friendly interaction, dialogue and trust between children, parents and teachers. The new initiative will cover the following localities: village of Zirnesti, Cahul district; village of Gribova, Drochia district; town of Hincesti.

The core element of the assistance will be another set of education vouchers equivalent to school supplies needed to improve the teaching situation. The vouchers will be distributed among disadvantaged children with an emphasis on those children of the Roma origin. Also, the children will benefit from both homework facilitation classes and school lunch tickets, which they will be able to use in the school cafeteria.

At the same time, the project will develop capacities among local, regional and national actors for a better understanding and intervention to cope with the challenges and demands relative to quality education in the community.

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