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Together With Roma Youth

Together With Roma Youth

This project is supported by the Council of Europe, Strasbourg in partnership with Cahul District Council and National Bureau for Interethnic Relations.

The projects main objective was to organize an international conference to address for the first time in Moldova the issue of the Decade for Roma Inclusion on the background of problematic Moldovan youth. The conference hosted representatives of a number of human rights and youth organizations from such European countries as Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Moldova.

The conference offered a good opportunity to exchange views and experiences related to youth activity from different countries that contribute to the accomplishment of the Decade goals. As a result of the project a Trans-Balkan Network was created. The purpose of this network was to continue the dialog and experience exchange on the margins of cross-national youth issues in the framework of the Decade for Roma Inclusion.

This activity was the first international activity organized by the Institute for Rural Initiatives to involve four European countries.