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The Life School project

The Life School project

Purpose: alleviate the impact of poverty on orphans and kids at risk.

Main target group: orphans, street kids, kids at risk in the rayon of Cahul.

IRI observation and research showed that among many daily challenges orphans have been having in Cahul region they also lack of fruits in their daily menu, which is by the way approved by local state authorities. The kids’ menu also does not include sweets.

While the Institute for Rural Initiatives tries to solve this and some other issues by advocacy and discussions with local authorities, it does not wait until the authorities will act. The Institute provides immediate remedy too. In this way, starting with November, 2014 IRI with the support of Bulgarian Orphans’ Fund offered on regular basis fresh fruits, quality sweets, hygienic supplies and toys.

Apart from this support the project offers interactive sessions on a large variety of subjects of their group interest and needs, so that it becomes helpful in the process of the kids’ integration in society, especially in the post-institutionalization phase.

Notorious guests, successful former street kids, will be invited. The sessions will be organized in an after-school manner with a snack and interactive elements, such as discussions, films, theatre plays, debates, visits to public institutions, universities etc.

The groups will also be able to benefit from specific good quality trainings on career planning, public communication and critical thinking.

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