IntegrACT – diverse youth for a cohesive society

IntegrACT – diverse youth for a cohesive society

The Institute for Rural Initiatives with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Moldova has launched a new initiative aimed at facilitating civic activism and public participation of young people coming from different ethnic groups.

Within the frame of this initiative, IRI aims to activate the spirit of civic responsibility among around 100 young people from 9 rural communities from Moldova, engaging them in a continuous training process while also providing them with space for the implementation of the acquired knowledge by offering them a mini grant opportunity to initiate and implement a local project of community interest.

This initiative envisages involving young people from a minority ethnic background, as well as young representatives of the majority population. They will get together in order to work on two issues of common interest: lack of participation and lack of youth unity in the Republic of Moldova.

The IntegrACT project is the first initiative in the history of the IRI implemented with the support of a Moldovan state institution. We believe that through common efforts we will succeed in promoting the idea of bringing together all the stakeholders, who are able to solve the problem of non-participation, discrimination and non-inclusion affecting the youth sector, and Moldovan society in general.

Partnership with local and rayonal public authorities, interested NGOs and mass media will be encouraged within the frame of this project.

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